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“Over the course of three decades, Kathleen Cannon became one of San Diego's premier defense attorneys. The San Diego Daily Transcript tapped her as one of the top 10 criminal justice attorneys in the region... she was the only public defense attorney on the list.” L.B.

“During my 43 years of practicing law, I've had a chance to observe most of the best trial lawyers in Los Angeles County and San Diego County. . . I would rank Kathy Cannon among the top five trial lawyers I have ever watched in the courtroom. She is right up there with the best of the best.” L.B., San Diego County Public Defender Supervisor, past Supervisor, Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office

“Kathy Cannon is a formidable advocate. She is just wonderful in front of a jury. Kathy is highly persuasive, empathetic, humorous and knowledgeable. I have watched her in trial and jurors hang on her every word. When the stakes are high you want Kathy in your corner.” J.R., Attorney, Los Angeles

“Kathy Cannon is the lawyer you want in your corner when you are fighting for your life. There is no better trial lawyer in San Diego. Kathy is fiercely dedicated to her clients. Prosecutors respect and fear her. Her trial skills are so formidable she is widely sought as a teacher of trial skill to other trial lawyers.” P.L., Attorney, San Diego

“I was privileged to have Attorney Cannon as my instructor at the California Public Defender's Association Trial Skills Institute in August 2013. Attorney Cannon not only puts in the time that it takes to obtain excellent results for her clients, but she takes the time to teach and help her fellow lawyers as well. Attorney Cannon consistently serves as an excellent role model for other professionals for her approach to law practice by her knowledgeable, competent, aggressive representation of clients and impeccable work ethic. I highly recommend her.” C.O., Attorney, Ramona

“An extremely motivated, honest, caring, and intelligent attorney who works hard for the clients rights. She keeps up with the law by attending seminars on a regular basis. I give this attorney my wholehearted recommendation.” J.D., Attorney, San Diego

“This attorney is well respected by her peers as well as the DA. I recently had a case that I was looking at doing 12+ years in prison and with her knowledge, hard work and dedication to the facts of my case she was able to get me where I am today which is free and not facing those harsh punishments. I would highly recommend her to anybody.” R - criminal defense client


People v. Dominick Porter, California Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Division One.

p. 13 “The performance of Porter’s trial counsel (Kathleen Cannon) was exemplary. Throughout the proceedings below, she raised the appropriate issues at appropriate junctures and prevailed in her positions more often than not. On the two key matters where she did not prevail, the motions to suppress the identification evidence and Porter’s statements to police detectives, her zealous advocacy forced the prosecutor to present extensive evidence showing the Department’s actions in this case passed constitutional muster. Thus, the motions fulfilled both her duty to Porter and her role in the criminal justice system.

Through thoughtful objections and skillful cross-examinations, Porter’s trial counsel likewise held the prosecution to its burden during trial, resulting in a comprehensive presentation of evidence for the jury to consider and for us to review on appeal. Her closing argument to the jury was especially noteworthy as she was able to effectively highlight where the jury could find reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case. We have no doubt the jury’s inability to reach a verdict on the special circumstance and firearm allegations directly resulted from her remarks.”

Kathleen Cannon